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REPLAY REBRUSH Tractor Package

An easy to use, all-in-one brushing system to help maintain the performance and appearance of synthetic sports surfaces.

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• A compact and powerful 24HP Kawasaki petrol engine Drive Unit with integral Brush system

• The Brush provides a 2m working width, maximising performance reducing time

• The pressure on the Brush within the carpet pile can be adjusted to assist with decompacting and redressing the infill

• The Brush can be raised clear of the surface for easy transportation and reduced wear on the bristles

• The Brushes fold up to allow for access through smaller (90cm) gates and easy storage

• Storage dimensions: 1200mm wide, 1800mm long, 1250mm high

• Digital Operators display unit shows the hours of usage and engine rpm when in use

• Bespoke training included as standard

• Optional extras include a Rubber Drag Mat and towable Sweeper/Collector

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Machinery, Maintenance