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Aussie Cleansweep Drag Mat MK II

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£575.00 exc. VAT

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Keep your surfaces in spotless condition with this new and improved MK II model Aussie Cleansweep Drag Mat.

This high-quality PVC mat includes a debris retainer barrier constructed to rid your surface of debris such as leaves and twigs.

Aussie Cleansweep Drag Mat MK II, can be used on most synthetic and natural grass sports surfaces, which leaves a smooth, professional finish every time. To provide maximum user-comfort & efficiency, the new and improved drag mat comes with a high-quality drag cord, enabling you to clear your surface with ease.



5ft W x 2.6ft L | 2m W x 0.8m L

Heavy-duty PVC drag mat

Mat consists of multiple plastic strips

Drag mat features a premium-aluminium rail

The premium construction is ultra-durable & 100% weatherproof

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Weight 22 kg